SERVICE: Stops Responding or 100% CPU

BPFTP Server has the ability to operate as a Windows System Service aka SERVICE-MODE (HOWTO).

This is essentially, the same as the normal GUI-MODE that you are used to seeing when you login to the computer and run the application, however it’s running under Session-0 (Windows System Service) and all GUI operations are hidden. This can make it more difficult to diagnose issues, as the software can only respond via the Windows Event Viewer (start, view) and the BPFTP Server Log (Settings -> Logging -> Settings -> “Saved Log-File Location”).

But, why is it not responding or is stuck at 100% ?!?!
I don’t immediately know the answer to this, the software doesn’t have any known problems which would cause this.. so we need to look at the environment, conditions and logs coming back from the software. It’s possible that there’s a network share that isn’t responding (the most likely issue), it’s also possible you’ve encountered an issue, in either case, we need more information…

When encountering a problem with running in SERVICE-MODE, it’s important to start breaking down the problem:

  • Look at the Windows System Service under “Windows Logs” -> “Application|System” -> Source=”BulletProof FTP Server”
  • View the BPFTP Server log file, make sure the software is terminated, so you see the current log. BPFTP Server -> Settings -> Logging -> Settings
  • Make sure you have the current version of the software, BPFTP Server -> Tools -> Check for Update and/or visit the web-site/changelog
  • Can you reproduce the error? Try running the software in DEBUG-MODE and send us the *.csl/*.zip. Don’t just email a giant log file… In order for us to find the issue, please perform the operation that reproduces the error, the date/time (so we can find it) and the symptoms of the issue.
  • LASTLY, and MOST IMPORTANTLY… run the software in the GUI mode, not the SERVICE mode. This will allow the UI to communicate with the desktop, so that you can see what’s going on. This is an absolute must, in order to discover the source of the issue. It doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to run SERVICE mode, only during the testing phase.