BPFTP CLIENT PROBLEM: Session-Files and “Invalid Filename”

In BulletProof FTP Client, it’s possible to define a Session File for the software to continuously save the current ftp-server and the files that are queued for transfer. By default, the software performs this action and uses the Windows Temporary-Directory for the storage of the session-file.

You may choose your own directory for these files, by using the below command-line parameter. This will cause the software to use the given file for the storage of the session-file.

However, if this directory becomes unavailable or un-writable; the software will be stuck in a situation where the it can not save the session-file and will keep throwing a error-dialog-box of “Invalid filename.”

Fixing this is easy and involves either creating the directories again where the file exists, fixing the permissions for the directory or file in the OS, or changing/removing the command-line parameter and let BPFTP Client use the Windows Temporary-Directory.

The following screen-shot is a collection of 3 images:

  • The first shows the problem “Invalid filename” and highlights the session-file which is the problem
  • The second illustrates Right-Clicking the icon used to start the software and selecting Properties.
  • The third demonstrates where the command-line parameter is located and details deleting everything after and including the /S:c:\somedirectory\somesubdir\somefile.bps
  • HOWTO: Test File-Transfer of BPFTP Client

    Sometimes, we’re just not sure why you can’t download a file from an ftp-server to your local-computer. In order to test this, please follow the below steps that will allow you to connect to a test ftp-server, navigate to a file on the ftp-server and download a file from the ftp-server to your local computer. This test allows us to isolate the program to a known ftp-server with files that we know you can successfully download.

    1. The current version is 2010.75.0.76. You should have this installed and running, it can be confirmed by “Help -> About BulletProof FTP Client…”. The important line reads “Engine: 2010.75.0.76”

      BulletProof FTP Client 2010
      Compiler 18.50
      RTL: 18.00
      Engine: 2010.75.0.76
      Raize: 5.5
      DevEx: 6.20110203
      Indy: 10.1.5
      LMD: 2011.4

    2. Next, start BPFTP Client 2010 and click the “Clear ALL” button
    3. Next, click the “Folder with a Magnify Glass” on the left, under the window that reads “Local Current Folder” and choose “Desktop”
    4. At the top, change the following fields to the following values
    5. Server Name/IP: ftp.kernel.org
      UserName: anonymous
      Password: anything@anything.com
      Port: 21

    6. Click the “Connect” button
    7. Double-Click on the “pub” folder on the right under the heading “Remote Current Folder”
    8. Double-Click on the “linux” folder on the right under the heading “Remote Current Folder”
    9. Double-Click on the “docs” folder on the right under the heading “Remote Current Folder”
    10. Double-Click on the “lanana” folder on the right under the heading “Remote Current Folder”
    11. Double-Click on the “unicode” folder on the right under the heading “Remote Current Folder”
    12. Click and Drag the file “unicode.txt” from the right-side to the left-side and “drop” it into the big white-window under heading “Local Current Folder”
    13. AT THIS TIME, everything should look like this screen-shot

    HOWOT: Test File-Transfer with BPFTP Client

  • Click the first-icon on the left, at the very bottom of the program to “Begin processing Queued Actions.”
  • The file should download and you’ll see it under the “Local Current Folder” as the file “unicode.txt”. Double-Click this file and it will open a text-editor with a bunch of sentences wrapping around.

    FAQ: My License-Code doesn’t work in the Latest Version

    When you purchase our software, you are sent a license-code aka registration-code. This license-code is a secret set of letters and numbers which will turn the demo/trial version into the full version. This license-code is tied to the version of the product that was purchased and will only work in the version that purchased.

    In other words, if you purchased BulletProof FTP Client 2009, the license-code you are sent will only work in Version 2009 of the product. It will not work in Version 2008 of the product, nor will it work in Version 2010 of the product.

    Please Note: All orders come with 1-FREE-YEAR of supports and updates, this includes major updates and often times (depending on the release date of the next version) you’ll get the next full-version with this FREE year of support/updates. So, please search your email for anything from automated@builtbp.com as you may have another license-code.

    You have two options….

    1) If you do not want to upgrade to the latest version, then please go to our website and click one of the Download links for the product and scroll down to “Older Versions” and find the version that matches the license-code you purchased.

    Please Note: Older versions do not have the latest changes needed to run on modern versions of Windows. Nor do they include updates and/or bug-fixes that were achieved in the latest version of the product.

    2) You can upgrade to the latest version, which will renew the support and updates and you will be sent a new license-code. In addition, you could be eligible for a discount for being a previous customer. Please check the MEMBERS section of our website or Contact Us with the customer information for your previous order and we’ll locate the order and send you a discount coupon-code.

    UPDATE: BPFTP Client for Windows v2010.74.0.74

    Today, we are proud to release a new version of our BulletProof FTP Client for Windows v2010.74.0.74. For all customers with a current license, please download/install the demo/trial version from our website and it will automatically update itself to the full-version on your computer.

    Download the Newest Version Here

    What’s New aka Changelog (Copied Below)
    * Update: Upgrade Available: When the program is up-to-date, a message is now displayed in the log-window versus using an interactive (modal) dialog requiring the user to click OK.
    * Fix: It was possible for the ftp-server to send a “mangled” directory listing (that does not adhere to standards) which could cause the program to raise an Access-Violation.
    * Update: In processing *very* large directories (with over 1000 files), the program would “freeze” as it processed. Added hooks to process Windows-Messages.
    * Fix: Correction for the storage location in the Windows Registry for user-interface elements on the main form. Previous location was “Software\BulletProof Software\BulletProof FTP Client”, new location is “Software\BulletProof Software\BulletProof FTP Client 2010”
    * Fix: Installed a MinWidth for columns within the Local and Remote files listing, this will keep the column from being “hid” with a width < 0

    HOWTO: Upgrading BPFTP Client from v2009 to v2010

    BulletProof FTP Client 2010 was released in Nov 2010 and signifies a major-revision to the the core program.

    This posting will contain a list of current and commonly asked questions, howto’s and other types of useful information.

    Please check back often, as we will continue to update this posting as time goes on.

    Q: I bought BulletProof FTP Client already, how can I get this upgrade?

    A: Check your email, it’s already been sent to you.

    BulletProof FTP Client is sold in 1, 2 and 3 year support-entitlements. This is a selection during your order and specifies how long you will get free updates and support. Our system has sent an email to everyone that was entitled to a free upgrade. This email came from “automated@builtbp.com” and has the subject of “Full Version: BulletProof FTP Client 2010 (FREE UPGRADE)”, please search your email for this criteria. Please Note: Often times our email is mis-identified as SPAM, so please search your SPAM folders as well. For more information “support-entitlements”, please consult the following webpage:

    A: If you didn’t get the email, then either you have a new email address or your previous order has an expired support-entitlement.

    In both cases, please continue over to the Members section of our website and login. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one using the previous order details.

    If you just can’t figure it out or would like help, please contact us here:

    Q: When I try to enter the Registration/License-Code, it keeps saying “Invalid”.

    A: This is because the code is not being entered exactly as it appears in the email OR you are using a code from a previous version.

    When entering the registration-code, please copy/paste it into the program; as it’s nearly impossible to enter every character in perfectly. A single wrong character will cause it to not work.

    BulletProof FTP Client 2009 will not accept a registration-code from a previous version. Please check the email you are using the registration-code from an make double/triple-sure it says 2009.

    Q: My previous order’s support-entitlement has expired. But I want the latest version, how can I get it?

    As a previous customer, we can provide an upgrade-coupon that will lower the cost of upgrading. To obtain the coupon-code, please login to the Members section of our website. Here, you will be able to “Link” your previous order into the account and get the coupon-code.

    Please continue over to the Members section of our website and login. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one using the previous order details.

    If you just can’t figure it out or would like help, please contact us here:

    BPFTP Client 2009 (Updated)

    The latest version of BulletProof FTP Client 20009 was released today. This new version includes a number of enchancements to the Bookmarks Manager, miscellaneous bug-fixes and a new “DEBUG MODE”.

    In order to obtain this update, please visit the download-page for the software and simply download/install it: