HOWTO: Enter License-Code from Command-Line

In some Windows configurations, it might be necessary to enter the license-code via the command-line. Specifically, in Windows Server where “Internet Explorer Enhanced Security” is turned on (More Info: here, here, here, here and here). When IE ESC is turned on, you’ll need to turn it off; this is because the dialog-box that appears for entering your registration code uses the IE WebKit and as a result the links won’t work correctly.

However, you don’t have to disable IE ESC, you can also enter it via the command-line:

1) Start -> Run -> "cmd" (enter)
2) c:
3) cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\BulletProof FTP Server"
4) Working with a license-code that looks like...

Name:John Doe

Enter the following command:

bpftpserver.exe QUIETREGISTER John Doe 00012X-8d7DJF2-6F323F-JVQBUA-8DJF3F-28RR4E-02Z6PC-ZXG37G-QBFDH2-NPDPBM-9XS9D9-MPH56G

HOWTO: Purchase an Upgrade to your License

BulletProof FTP Server is licensed via different Editions and include unique features.

As an example, while using the software you encounter a feature that isn’t available in your current license. You purchased the “Professional Edition”, but you recently discovered the very powerful “Management -> Events Manager”, and you’d like to email someone whenever a file is uploaded.

No problem! We’ve built the software to allow upgrading your license and we’ll apply 100% of your original purchase towards the upgrade! This allows you the flexibility to scale up, at anytime, without a penalty!

Upgrade License (Step 1 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 2 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 3 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 4 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 5 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 6 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 7 of 8)

The "Technical Support Permission Key" is: 902djlx0qojs
The “Technical Support Permission Key” is:

HOWTO: Remove Your License-Code

How to Remove License-Code

  • Start the GUI version of BulletProof FTP Server
  • Click About
  • Hold down Alt+Shift+Ctrl and Left-Click the “License for Use:” box
  • Click “YES” to “REMOVE LICENSE KEY:…” dialog-box
  • Enter the “Technical-Support Permission-Code” and click OK:
  • BulletProof FTP Server will confirm the removal and shutdown the program
  • HOWTO: Remove License Code

    The "Technical Support Permission Key" is: 902djlx0qojs
    The “Technical Support Permission Key” is:

    HOWTO: Enter Your Subscription-Code

    License-Codes: This HOWTO covers the entering the subscription-codes into the software. In addition, we have two other HOWTOs which may help…

    HOWTO: Upgrade Your License to a new Edition

    HOWTO: Remove License-Code for Upgrading License

    HOWTO: Enter Your Subscription Code…
    Once you have purchased BulletProof FTP Server (, you will receive a “Subscription Code” in an email with your receipt. Once this information has been entered into the TRIAL/DEMO version of the software, installed on your computer; it will turn itself into the full-featured-retail-copy.

    HOWTO: Enter your subscription-code
    HOWTO: Enter your subscription-code

    FAQ: My License-Code doesn’t work in the Latest Version

    When you purchase our software, you are sent a license-code aka registration-code. This license-code is a secret set of letters and numbers which will turn the demo/trial version into the full version. This license-code is tied to the version of the product that was purchased and will only work in the version that purchased.

    In other words, if you purchased BulletProof FTP Client 2009, the license-code you are sent will only work in Version 2009 of the product. It will not work in Version 2008 of the product, nor will it work in Version 2010 of the product.

    Please Note: All orders come with 1-FREE-YEAR of supports and updates, this includes major updates and often times (depending on the release date of the next version) you’ll get the next full-version with this FREE year of support/updates. So, please search your email for anything from as you may have another license-code.

    You have two options….

    1) If you do not want to upgrade to the latest version, then please go to our website and click one of the Download links for the product and scroll down to “Older Versions” and find the version that matches the license-code you purchased.

    Please Note: Older versions do not have the latest changes needed to run on modern versions of Windows. Nor do they include updates and/or bug-fixes that were achieved in the latest version of the product.

    2) You can upgrade to the latest version, which will renew the support and updates and you will be sent a new license-code. In addition, you could be eligible for a discount for being a previous customer. Please check the MEMBERS section of our website or Contact Us with the customer information for your previous order and we’ll locate the order and send you a discount coupon-code.

    HOWTO: Upgrade your license from HOME to CORP

    First, thank you very much for upgrading to the CORP version! Your support helps to fund development and keep new versions coming out with the same pace of changing technology!

    Second, you’ll need to remove the previous license from the computer. This is done by:

  • Launch the GUI version of BulletProof FTP Server for Windows
  • Clicking the “About” button
  • Now, hold down Ctrl + Shift + Alt and Left-Click the section labeled “Licensed for Use”
  • Click “Yes” to confirm removing the license
  • Then click the “Enter Key” dialog after the program terminates