HOWTO: Purchase an Upgrade to your License

BulletProof FTP Server is licensed via different Editions and include unique features.

As an example, while using the software you encounter a feature that isn’t available in your current license. You purchased the “Professional Edition”, but you recently discovered the very powerful “Management -> Events Manager”, and you’d like to email someone whenever a file is uploaded.

No problem! We’ve built the software to allow upgrading your license and we’ll apply 100% of your original purchase towards the upgrade! This allows you the flexibility to scale up, at anytime, without a penalty!

Upgrade License (Step 1 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 2 of 8)

Upgrade License (Step 3 of 8)

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Upgrade License (Step 7 of 8)

The "Technical Support Permission Key" is: 902djlx0qojs
The “Technical Support Permission Key” is: