KNOWN PROBLEM: Slow Startup after Several Weeks of Heavy Usage

KNOWN PROBLEM: Slow Startup after Several Weeks of Heavy Usage

In order to provide information on Server Monitor -> Files Uploaded/Downloaded, the software writes entries into secondary files stored in the Storage-Location directory. These files contain one-line per file uploaded/downloaded and as the usage of the program increases, these files get bigger and bigger. Start-Up of the program will be effected as these files increase in size and the time to load the file into memory increases (and the footprint in memory increases).

Server Monitor -> Files Downloaded/Uploaded
Server Monitor -> Files Downloaded/Uploaded

To resolve this problem, it’s necessary to manually archive these files to another location; this will “reset” the statistics found in Server Monitor -> Files Uploaded/Downloaded.

You can manually archive these files:
1) Closing BulletProof FTP Server and ensure the SERVICE is not current running/active
2) Use My Computer or a Command-Prompt and navigate to the Storage-Location.
3) Locate the files named below and move them to some archive directory of your choosing (or delete them):


4) Start BulletProof FTP Server

NOTE: In a later version, this will be resolved with a re-organization and re-write of this function in order to save the information in a way that doesn’t affect performance.