HOWTO: Getting Started with BulletProof FTP Server

Thank you for your interest in BulletProof FTP Server.

Below is a list of HOWTO articles that have been written over the years to help customers in getting up and running with BulletProof FTP Server.
Note: Some of the screen-shots show older versions of the software. The UI hasn’t changed much between different versions, but you might find some of the buttons labeled differently than what appears.

  • Download, Install and Adding First User
  • Opening Your Firewall
  • Licensing
  • Upgrading
  • Windows System Service

    Download, Install and Adding First User

    HOWTO: Downloading BPFTP Server 2010

    HOWTO: Installing BPFTP Server 2010

    HOWTO: Adding a User


    Opening Your Firewall

    It’s VERY common that people think only one-port is needed for ftp (default: tcp/ip 21). However, this is not true.

    FTP requires at least two ports, one for the control-port (used to login and issue commands, default tcp/ip 21) and a data-port (default tcp/ip 30000 to 30100). One data-port is needed for every concurrent data-connection, for this reason we suggest using a range of 100 ports which will handle most needs.

    HOWTO: Windows Firewall and BPFTP Server 2011

    HOWTO: Windows Firewall

    HOWTO: Setting up NAT/Passive/Firewall Support



    HOWTO: Enter Your Subscription-Code

    HOWTO: Purchase an Upgrade to your License

    HOWTO: Remove Your License-Code



    FAQ: Can I Upgrade and retain all my Users, Groups and Settings?

    FAQ: Where does BPFTP Server store the Users, Groups and Settings?

    HOWTO: Overridding the Storage-Path for Settings, Users and Groups


    Windows System Service

    HOWTO: Windows System-Service