HOWTO: Overridding the Storage-Path for Settings, Users and Groups

The latest version of BulletProof FTP Server (by default) stores everything related to the program’s operation, including “Settings, Users and Groups” in the non-roaming, local user storage location %LOCALAPPDATA%. This allows for a constant, microsoft certified location for the storage of files and settings related to a program. This path is user-specific, in that, it is private to the OS-USER that you use to login to Windows. In some environments, you may want to change this location to something that complies with your own standards .. or perhaps you would like to run the SERVICE as a different user than the GUI.

Starting with BulletProof FTP Server v2010 (including later versions), the path for storing the “Settings, Users and Groups” was changed as a result of security improvements to Windows (starting with Vista). Previously, the BulletProof FTP Server stored everything in the “Installation-Directory” for the software. However, with the development of User-Access-Control (UAC) in Windows Vista/2008, the storage-path for these files were redirected to the Virtual Store. This redirection of file-writes to now protected paths, such as the %ProgramFiles%, proved to be very cumbersome of difficult for our customers to manage. For this reason, we embraced the new location Microsoft has specified and developed the ability to OVERRIDE it for customers that wanted to retain control of this location.

Table-Listing of Storage-Locations over the past several versions of BulletProof FTP Server:
Q: Can I backup the Settings, Users and Groups?

In the following example, you are stepped through the process of “Overriding the Storage-Path” in the program and the subsequent process that BulletProof FTP Server goes through to migrate the files containing the “Settings, Users and Groups”. Please note, this process can also be used to restore a backed up copy of your files.